Mission and Values


Avec Patience is a feel-good company .

We offer accessories and jewelry for caring human beings.

Our company's primary mission is simple: to make people happy and normalize kindness.

We believe our products will be a daily reminder of our mission. 

Our necklaces will make you feel light like a sunny summer day and will carry that effervescence all year round.



All our products are made with passion and love, in Quebec.

Each marble is selected with the greatest care.

Our clips and pendants are made of white silver with a purity of 0.925.


White silver can yellow over time. Simply rub with a cloth intended for this purpose to bring it back to its original shine.

We think this is a good parallel to self-care that we advocate in our values.

When the time comes and it is necessary to restore your necklace, it is perhaps also a sign to give yourself a moment to take care of yourself too 🌞